The solutions you need to grow

Left Coast Financial Solutions provides money handling, compliance, and transaction management solutions to address the needs of licensed cannabis companies, as well as companies that have difficulty obtaining bank or credit union accounts.

Security, Simplicity, and Scalability

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    Cash-in-transit services

    We provide free onsite cash pick up, transport, and deposit services across the entire state of Oregon without the need for an existing bank or credit union account.

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    Alignment with standard practices

    Left Coast's system aligns your business with standard practices such as 15-day or 30-day net digital invoices, automatic and recurring payments, and electronic checking.

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    Added value to your existing relationships

    We don't compete with or replace any current banking relationships you may have. Our payment platform can integrate with existing bank or credit union accounts for simplified transfers.

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    Compliance based approach

    Our compliance based approach addresses the requirements of the credit industry, ensuring your account will not be closed due to any bias or prejudice against being a cannabis related business.

We support businesses throughout the entire seed-to-sale supply chain.

We work with our customers to simplify the process of compliance and open new doors to underserved, underbanked, and forgotten industries. Our team of experienced regulatory compliance experts have developed a framework that securely monitors every transaction, substantially reducing common risks and costs associated with providing financial services to cash-intensive industries.

The best way to learn more is to speak with one of our experts.

cannabis businesses with compliant bank accounts