Active compliance is the solution.

We work with financial institutions to simplify the process of compliance and open new doors to underserved, underbanked, and forgotten industries. Our team of experienced regulatory compliance experts have developed a framework to securely monitor every transaction, substantially reducing common risks and costs associated with providing financial services to cash-intensive industries.

Risk, Regulation, and Response

Left Coast delivers a powerful platform and vast industry expertise to financial institutions, solving the most critical regulatory and risk requirements.
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    Many industries pose significant risks to financial institutions.

    We mitigate the risks associated with cash-intensive businesses and provide financial inclusion and security to individuals without access to traditional banking services. Our risk management, focus, and in-depth experience, enable us to address the hazards posed by chargeback threats, or other potentially negative exposures.

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    As regulatory funding decreases and regulations increase, the compliance burden falls more and more on the financial industry itself.

    Serving high-risk industries is complex, expensive, and often yields diminishing returns. We utilize our technology and domain expertise to surpass regulatory demands. This delivers a reduced risk profile, lower compliance burden, and higher returns for our financial industry partners.

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    Left Coast Financial Solutions provides the team and the technology to meet current and future industry challenges.

    We've seen the impact the rise of FinTech companies has had on financial institutions. Left Coast’s approach is not one of grabbing market share from depository institutions, but rather of augmenting, supplementing, and expanding their reach, in order to better serve our communities.

Keep up to date with ongoing regulatory changes while reducing risk and overhead costs.

Left Coast has the ability to quickly identify, populate, and deliver regulatory reporting in a safe, secure, and cost-effective way.

Real-time reporting

Our compliance team leverages their years of experience combined with automation to augment their ability to isolate and identify suspicious activity.

Optimized efficiency

High-risk industries drive a higher work burden for the compliance team through more investigatory activity and increased report filing. Our technology enables the team to focus their activity and enables us to scale to the demands of emerging and volatile markets.

Regulatory tracking

Left Coast exceeds all required federal and state regulatory guidance, most notably FinCEN advisory, FIN-2014-A007, and guidance FIN-2014-G001.

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