About us

We believe underserved industries deserve equal access to modern financial resources.

We work to enable communities to thrive.

Left Coast strives to deliver a safe, secure, and financially viable solution to high-risk, cash-intensive industries, traditionally unable to access vital financial services. We work to enable our members, our community, and our community-oriented financial institutions to thrive.
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Our Vision

Left Coast knows that diversity and inclusion drive innovation. We are dedicated to the promotion of a more equitable society. Within our company, Left Coast seeks to draw from a talented, experienced, and varied pool of individuals across races, religions, age, gender or gender nonconformity to keep us moving forward and breaking new ground. Within our membership, Left Coast seeks to create transparency, legitimacy, and financial security for individuals, families, and communities stunted by a lack of financial resources or systemically blocked from obtaining them.

Our Mission

The more we grow the more we have to give. Left Coast knows our success is directly tied to the individuals, organizations, and investors who entrust us with perhaps the most fundamental element of their livelihood. We aim to return the favor.

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